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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

The accomodation provider or their representatives will be entitled to visit the apartment during the duration of the contract at a time suitable to the tenant arranged between the accomodation provider and the tenant (for the purpose cleaning, maintenance work, installing household equipment and apartment viewings). MR Apartments representatives have a right to visit the accomodation without any notice when there is serious consern over the apartments use or condition.

Smoking,disturbance,gambling,money laundry etc. Is strictly forbidden and will lead to ending the contract immediately and contacting the authoroties.

The tenant is obligated to leave the apartment in same condition as it was when taken over by the tenant. Any extra cleaning required will be charged to the client in its totality. The client will also be responsible for any damage caused by a person entering the apartment by permission of the tenant. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the apartment. MR Apartments is entitled to charge 750 euros or more if the apartment has to be deodorized.

Pets are not allowed in the apartment.

The key/keys for the apartment must be returned to the lockbox or leaved on kitchen table at checkout. If the keys are not returned as agreed, MR Apartments has a right to charge the client 350 euro fine + 50 euros per hour. If the contract is finished and the tenant has not taken his/her belongings, nor returned the keys, MR Apartments has a right to remove tenants belongings and have the locks replaced. All costs will be charged to the client according to the terms and condition of the agreement.

In case the tenant/s are causing disturbance in the building or practice criminal activity in the apartment, this contract will be terminated immediately without any liability for reimbusements. Booking rates are non refundable if not agreed otherwise. Any disputes are to be dealt with at Pohjanmaan käräjäoikeus / Vaasan toimipaikka.


MR Apartments Vaasa
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